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The root causes of mankind's suffering and those avoidable health problems are:

1. Our Ignorance

2. Our division into Nation

3. Corrupt economic system of our society

1. Ignorance:

Education and Knowledge without Buddhi = Ignorance.

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance!"

- Confucius

We are ignorant.

We lack the ability to understand what information is correct and what is incorrect even though we have an almost limitless amount of information and knowledge, both true and false, provided to us by books, educators, the internet, marketing forces, our peers, and leaders of society. Understanding what is correct enables us to make honest, practical efforts to promote awareness of and correct false knowledge and raise motivation of all people to attain Buddhi:

  • For eliminating poverty,
  • For granting all humans to be born in health and live a healthy quality of life, and
  • For promoting peace.

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We will need to realize that the globe has become a small house; the notion of Nations is outdated, we are members of the Family Homo Sapiens Sapiens (modern human) and thus we are United Global Human Family. "Manas ki jaat sabhe eke hi pehchan bo”

Our Buddhi ... “the testing laboratory in our mind to realise what is truth, to understand what information is correct and what is not, and the power and the ability to use the correct knowledge to take the right action for the wellbeing of self, family, local society, and for the entirity of mankind” ... can help us identify the main underlying causes of most of the present sufferings of humanity, related to poverty, and to increased occurrences of diseases which are as follows:

Buddhi is a word of the Indian ancient Pali language that is herein defined as the constant pursuit for knowledge by raising alertness and skeptical thinking; by increasing analytical power to explore, further improve and control the cognitive ability of mind; to avoid preconceived ideas to perceive things as they are; to gain wisdom for understanding correctly, making wise decisions, and taking timely action.

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2. Our division into Nation:

We, the Human Family, are divided into Nations. We have dismantled small kingdoms of the past and have merged them into these larger camps that we call Nations. Our division into Nations begets excess selfishness causing fear and insecurity which force us to race for arms. Hence a vast portion of society's resources are wasted on developing war machines, guns, and Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) which includes nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.

One Human Family

Whether we like it or not, we have all been born on this earth as part of one great human family. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated, belonging to one nation or another, to one religion or another, adhering to this ideology or that, ultimately each of us is just a human being like everyone else: we all desire happiness and do not want suffering. Furthermore, each of us has an equal right to pursue these goals.

Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

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3. Corrupt economic system of our society:

Local and global social, economic, and Health Care systems are designed to remain concentrated only in finding and selling cures for diseases while dragging people to neglect basic prevention and protection from diseases.
In the knack of marketing and selling of health cure products and devices - be it with proven evidence based science, or unproven pseudoscience and quackery, fraud or scam - we sell disease inducing foods, together with unhealthy lifestyle, to boost up profits for the economy and the corrupt few in society; then we are sold cures for avoidable diseases and ailments brought on by those disease inducing foods and unhealthy lifestyle.
Thus we have sold our health, and that of our children and the coming generations, to the corrupt economic system of our society.

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Therefore, the present scenario of health is that, despite our marvelous achievements in curing diseases, and successfully transplanting organs, the occurrence of diseases and morbidity has increased. We do live longer but with more diseases, pain and sufferings. Consequently another major portion of resources on earth, including manpower, is wasted on providing cures for those 75% of diseases modern humans are suffering from, that are actually avoidable.

Our quest for ‘Buddhi’ will unite us as only one global union the United Global Human Family, and will help us realize that the main purpose of any religion is to enable all mankind ( not only a single section of population ) to reduce avoidable suffering and to live in health, peace, prosperity and happiness. ( koyi Bole Ram Ram Koi Khuda koyi, Jesus Masiha Messiah. We worship God, call him in different names due to our different languages,  but God is God the same … Ishwar Allah Tero Naam )

Our resolve to live as United Global Human Nation can help transform us from the death marketing and death management civilization that we are at present, into one true Global Peace and Health loving Nation by making reforms in our social, security, economic and healthcare systems to build up a new world to live in, with an improved real quality of life.

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"To have knowledge without understanding is to wander in a desert of ignorance"

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